3 Win-Win Approaches to increase Learner Engagement

Learning and training can be sometimes very boring which makes it difficult for learners to understand the content. This will not only affect the effectiveness of your training program but also the knowledge retention and productivity of the learners. The obvious reason can be a lack of engagement or interaction.

When we talk about old-schooling techniques that don’t actually educate on how learners want them to, which directly impacts learner’s performance.

Lesser the skills, lesser the availability for the learner to get motivated to become a professional employer. This is the reason, why nowadays most of the institutions, organizations and corporate are delivering training through LMS.  The LMS can help in increasing learners engagement and enhances the learning process.

Here are a few strategies that can improve learners performance and keep them motivated and productive.

Understand the lacking area

Can you imagine developing the learning process without actually knowing the problem areas?

Identify possible reasons the learners are facing to increase engagement in their learning process. To find the most effective strategies, select the reason that best describes your learner situation, keeping in mind there may be multiple relevant reasons.

When your learner is not providing better results, for sure he/she is lacking behind in something in their learning process. Instead of blaming them on their failure, you can employ some approaches like the interview, personal interaction, conducting assessments, group or individual discussion, etc to understand their lacking area.

The best way of uncovering your learners’ actual learning needs is through engagement and which is mostly done by using exam portal that helps you to understand the needs and skills of your learner.

To overcome with your problem and to make your learner productive and skillful, we have come up designed feature that is, online exam management system through which you can conduct online assessment and track your learner’s progress that helps you to show the lacking area.

Use Interactivity

To increase learner engagement, one thing to consider during the course is creativity or interactivity. Obviously, implementing text-heavy content or long explanatory videos will definitely result in learners getting impatient, bored, or losing focus while taking the course which is not of use.

A movie without action, suspense, how it looks actually? Of course very boring and don’t want to watch it again. In the same way, it might be a movie or training program, engagement lies in interactivity. If you want your learner to be engaged at every step of training, you need to implement a course which includes interactive elements in it. Yes, More the interactivity, more your learner engagement and vice versa.

Learner engagement depends also on course creator on how active or interactive your course is. There are several methods to make your course effective by implementing short and knowledge-based videos, drag and drop activities, pop quizzes at the end of course, etc.

Enable LMS

LMS is a part of a training program that increases learner engagement by boosting interactive course creation features. Through LMS, you can overcome the barriers to engagement by offering learners the flexibility to take the course based on their convenience to access anytime, anywhere and also provides reports on their progress that makes them more confident, productive, motivated, and skillful.

Using LMS for your training session, not only benefited to learner but also to the training team by increasing their job satisfaction. This cloud-based learning platform offers an opportunity for the learner to become productive, marketable, skillful and also to the organization by increasing their status to be at top priority and reduces learning and development cost, time. Hence, indirectly leading to higher company output to a larger extent. As the age-old saying goes, What gets measured, gets managed.


Nowadays, every organization wants to be at top priority by increasing their learner engagement to make them skillful and productive that works best and give better result to their organization.

Here in this blog, we have shared some of the winning strategies that help learners to increase their engagement in the learning process. One of the best strategies is conducting an online assessment through which you can track learner’s progress and identify their lacking area.

Based on their lacking area, you can create a course that should be interactive and effective to increase learner’s interest. Apart from it, another important factor that plays a crucial role in learner engagement is LMS. It provides learner the freedom to feel that they are in charge of the course because they can go back to repeat their training, can access it anywhere, anytime based on their convenience.

Swift LMS is flexible, quick to deploy, user friendly and could be the best LMS that allows you to create a remarkable online training experience for your audience.

Here at Swift, we help our clients implement cost effective eLearning solutions that really make a difference.

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