Absence of Adequate Employee Feedback in the workplace :

Without feedback, you’re walking blind. At best, you’ll accidentally reach your goal. At worst, you’ll wander aimlessly through the dark, never reaching your destination.Also its no hidden truth that the secret behind every successful business is the feedback,which is a helpline tool that helps employees to rectify their mistakes and get the best out of them.

If effective feedback is given to employees on their progress towards their goals, employee performance will improve.The feedback does not require to be a simple text every time. It can contain video or audio files to support feedback, making it more clear and actionable.

Feedback is more effective when it reinforces what the employee did right and then identifies what needs to be done in the future.

Importance of employee feedback :

  • Cheapest yet powerful motivating Tool : Proper feedback serves as the most powerful tool across the organizations all across the globe,Employees can rectify their mistakes and progress ahead with confidence boosting upon receiving constructive feedback.
  • Acts as a guide : There always lies a possibility than an employee might commit errors and struggle to get on the right track,A good leader or manager by means of a proper feedback can guide the employee towards the right path by making use of clinical and proper language.
  • Increases Employee’s Productivity : A right constructive feedback is highly energizing and has effective links to employee’s productivity,It ensures the employees working with much more dedication which ultimately results in benefiting the overall organization. 
  • Creating a sense of belongingness : Its obvious and truth that everybody at the workplace needs a recognition every now and then.Employees like to stay involved and also identified with their organization.Feedback by management helps in creating such a sense of belongingness among employees.Timely acknowledgement of employees helps an organization to prosper.
  • Reinforcing positive behavior :A feedback from the team leaders or anybody from the top management helps the employees in doing away with the bad habits,If any.Various inputs are provided towards in-forcing of rightful behavior at the and making sure about the code and conduct being strictly followed at the workplace.

Despite feedback being fundamental,why is it lacking so often?

It’s pretty much obvious and crystal clear that providing feedback is vital and has great significance at the workplace,But still it often it is witnessed to be lacking behind,We tried listing a few reasons 

  • Presumptions of top level management : Often the team leader or anyone from the top level management drives on assumptions that the employees are on track and might not require any sort of feedback,Which mostly results the opposite in maximum cases.
  • Giving Feedback can be a bit stressful at times : Providing feedback is a challenging role which requires considering and dealing with employees emotions and feelings.Finding a right means which would eventually get the job done is quite stressful.
  • No time for providing feedback : The most common answer on being asked a top level management person on lack of proper feedback at workplace is the nonavailability of time for providing feedback.Its evident and no hidden fact that they surely are busy,But taking out time for providing feedback is necessary for smooth running of the organization.
  • Lack of communication : Lack of proper communication between the employees and the management Is also one of the major hindrances for providing employee feedback.

What results in the absence of proper feedback?

  • Low Productivity : Absence of proper feedback might result in employees proceeding in the opposite direction and continuing to do so despite being wrong.Resulting In?Low productivity,Incomplete tasks and over burdening of tasks.
  • Poor Customer Service : When the employees are heading in the wrong direction due to lack of proper guiding and feedback,It’s pretty much obvious and expected that the services provided to the customers will surely get affected,Neither the customer will be able to meet their needs nor the employees will be able to provide them services rightly.
  • Feeling of alienation : Not providing an employee with a proper feedback might lower his morale which might possibly create a sense of being left out or alienated,He feels not being belonged to the organization.
  • Assumptions from both the side : The assumptions start taking place at both the ends I.e the employee and the top level management.The manager thinks that the employee might me doing and progressing well and doesn’t require any sort of feedback.
    And on the other side employee has his own assumptions either positive or negative,namely

-”My manager think I ain’t capable of doing this job”

-”I’m doing it the right way and will continue sticking to it”

-”Maybe my manager thinks I can’t take the feedback in a sporting manner” etc

  • Recording of high employee turnover : Not being acknowledged at the workplace might not encourage any employee to continue at the same place,He will think about quitting the job and which ultimately results in large employee turnover which isn’t a good sign for any organization.

Conclusion :

Every organization has a unique set of reasons to choose their LMS. Regardless of the reasons behind the choice, these funneled parameters help you get the best outcomes in terms of time, cost,feedback and quality in choosing an LMS for your training needs.

Swift LMS is flexible, quick to deploy, user friendly and could be the best LMS that allows you to create a remarkable online training experience for your audience.




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