Are you an eLearner?

Who actually is an eLearner?Anybody who makes use of technology or electronic resources to access educational curriculum outside of a typical and traditional classroom environment is said to be an eLearner.The other familiar heard terms for any eLearner are online learner,internet learner,distant learner and electronic learner.
When delivered through technology based platforms, learning is less expensive per end user and is quite evident too.The biggest benefit for an eLearner, however, is that it eliminates the expense and inconvenience of getting the instructor and students in the same place.

Benefits of eLearning :
Over the years there has been a significant increase in the eLearning audience,Thanks to the ease it provides in enabling the transfer of skills and knowledge.Altogether an eLearner is benefited in numerous ways which can be seen listed below as:

Cost Effective : An eLearner quite possibly shifted to eLearning from the traditional mode of learning as it is highly cost effective.Regardless of which platform it is being provided,The content of eLearning is the cheapest.Other costs like the material,transport costs etc have been eliminated since the introduction of eLearning.

Reduced Learning Time : eLearning not only benefits an eLearner in saving his precious money but also helps in saving his time too.As the eLearning content isn’t time consuming,so the amount of time saved through this engagement is significant.

Better Learner Retention : eLearning is nowhere related to the traditional way of learning,Various training materials and audio-video aids are used in eLearning content to make it more interesting and engaging,Which ultimately results in better learner retention.
A platform like Learning Management System (LMS) which provides such engaging and interacting contact can help for the cause.

Quick Delivery of lessons : Lessons in eLearning are mostly wrapped up quickly,Hardly in a session or two.It simply means saving of much time in abundance for a learner,unlike the traditional mode of learning.

Flexibility : One of the greatest benefits that an eLearner derives by engaging with this mode of learning is its flexibility.The eLearner has access to the content 24*7,There are no restrictions placed on the usage of the eLearning content.It can be accessed at anytime and anywhere as per the eLearner’s convenience.

Timely Feedback : By means of engaging in the Elearning,A learner can avail timely feedback from the instructors regarding his performance and progress. He gets to access himself if he further needs to pace up,improve or continue the current flow.

Up to date : An e Learner remains equipped with the latest and accurate data and information,Thanks to the timely updation of eLearning content without any extra charges.

Risk Free : An eLearner need not worry about committing mistakes and getting exposed to everyone,as they are in a risk free environment.There is no pressure on the learner to perform exceedingly well come what may.They eventually can proceed at their own pace without being accountable to anyone.

Consistency : Throughout the entire eLearning process,Consistency is highly preferred and care is taken to maintain it.

Lessons can be taken multiple times : It is highly possible that a learner might not have understood or grasped the content in one go,and needs to revise or go through it again.Unlike classroom training,Elearning allows you to have access to the learning content multiple times.

Less Impact on the environment : As the name itself suggests that eLearning is technology enabled and causes no harm to the environment.It neither has got any paperwork nor emits any kind of emissions which might harm the environment.It won’t be wrong in saying that eLearning is eco-friendly.

Conclusion :
Swift LMS is flexible, quick to deploy, user-friendly and could be the best LMS that allows you to create a remarkable eLearning experience for your audience.
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