Benefits of Assessment Engine within an LMS

Assessments are an integral part of training process. Traditional way of conducting assessments is through paper printouts. This gives hard time to the Trainer, Recruiter or the Instructor. Creating assessments online is the easiest way to streamline the academic and administrative processes to eliminate frauds and other malpractices.

Assessments within a Learning Management System (LMS) will help measure the progress and analyze the learner understanding.

A properly managed LMS with an established Assessment engine provides and enables the Admin and learner with the following features:

  • Tracking Employees/Learner Performance : A built-in LMS assessment engine helps you closely analyze learner performance and cultivate their strengths by identifying who is able to achieve the desired results or goals and vice-versa
  • Online Assessment : Probably the biggest benefit of this being a non-paper assessment as it is entirely conducted online, hence a complete eco-friendly option.
  • Allowing Employee/Learner : Not only the Trainer is allowed to review or track the progress of his learners, the learner is also provided with the access to track his progress individually.
  • Manage Assessments : As and when required, Assessments can be created and edited effectively on fly.
  • MCQ Format : Assessment engines allow administrators to author Multiple Choice Question types which includes True/False, Single Text, Multi-select choice, and Match choices.
  • Personalized Questions : Questions can be changed, modified as per the need and requirement of the training course.
  • Random Questions / Options : Questions and Options can be pulled out randomly without any order being enabled users to read the question and select the answer in a wise manner.
  • Time Limit : In order to make sure that the learner isn’t taking much of the time on each question, the assessments can be time based.
  • Analysis Report : Any Assessment is said to be complete, when a proper analyzed mechanism is followed. This will ensure the productivity of both the learner and the organization.
  • Certification(Custom) : The certification is provided upon the successful completion of the course and the assessment.

Swift LMS is flexible, quick to deploy, user-friendly and could be the best LMS that allows you to create a remarkable online training experience for your audience. Check out our Assessment feature which analyzes the learners progress to the core.

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