TOP 6 Benefits of Cloud-Based LMS For Corporate Training


Looking for a hassle-free Learning Management System that provides the best features at affordable prices for your corporate training? Then you must choose a cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) that meets the training requirements of your organization.

With the growing popularity of flipped classrooms, social learning, mobile learning and microlearning, deploying the cloud-based learning management systems that provides a real value to the employee training has become a rationale.

In this blog, we will take you through the top 6 benefits of a Cloud-Based LMS software which has widely surpassed traditional LMS in the eLearning industry.

What is Cloud-Based LMS?

Cloud-based LMS systems are hosted on internet unlike the traditional LMS which is limited to your computer’s hard drive. This cloud-based service lets instructional designers to create courses and upload it through their internet browsers directly. Users can access the stored data on cloud which is provided by secured LMS through remotely logging into service provider’s site.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Learning Management System

There are various advantages of cloud-based LMS. But here we provide you the top six benefits which are worthy of attention among many.

Cost-Effective: This factor would stand as one of the main reasons for the higher acceptance rate of cloud based LMS. Investing in a cloud-based LMS is more cost-effective than buying a software based platform as you pay only for what you use in cloud-based LMS. Besides this, organizations don’t have to pay any setup fee and upgrades are also offered to the system at no extra cost.

Mobile Responsive Design for Ease of Access: Training is now possible anywhere and anytime with cloud-based eLearning platform – Mobile Learning. Employees can login via their mobile phones and tablets and access the eLearning courses on the go.

Fully Secured: Earlier many people had the misconception about the security of cloud-based platforms. These misconceptions have been mostly erased as cloud-based platforms have been highly used and popularized by many huge corporates. Cloud platforms imbibe a variety of safety measures like data encryption, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and Password protection.

Faster Deployment: Cloud-based LMS is a lot easier to be deployed when compared to an installed eLearning platform. It requires no internal IT support unlike traditional installed LMS. Cloud-based solutions provide customer service along with staff who can address any issues if raised.

Fully Customizable and Scalable: It is easier to work with an LMS which is fully customizable and scalable. Whether your organization is huge or a start-up, the cloud based platforms are flexible to fit into. No additional hardware is required as the cloud training solution can scale to meet the growing demands of your organization.

Centralized Platform: Managing several processes simultaneously is no more a difficult task.The cloud-based LMS provides a centralized learning platform enabling you to store and retrieve eLearning resources, training materials, training curriculum, and assessment results as and when needed.


Cloud-based platforms are leaving their footprints in varied sectors and Cloud-based learning management systems are no exception as they provide multitudinous benefits. We, at Swift, provide you one such LMS embedded with all the essential features that bring value proposition to your organization.

SwiftHCM, due to its functionality, easy-to-use interface and intuitiveness, can be the best investment for your training needs. Enjoy your experience and visit us at to get started.

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