Difference between Corporate LMS and Educational LMS

Difference between corporate LMS and educational LMS

With a growing need to foster effective learning, organizations worldwide are banking on Learning Management Systems (LMS) to create a robust environment. Well, Most of us may find LMS as one functional unit either in the corporate sector or the educational institutions. But, the fact is different. It has several fundamental differences that are must to know. Before that, what actually LMS is?

Learning management system (LMS) is a software platform for delivering learning material online which is an integral part of the eLearning design and development process. It is one of the fastest ways of development in both the corporate sector and educational institutions that are hard to ignore. In addition, it gives you tools to manage training and development, increase learner engagement, and build a sense of understanding that helps to create new ideas, new technologies that work best with this competitive world.

Learning management system allows both students and business executives to learn anywhere with a computer or mobile devices and internet connection at any time which is one of its biggest advantages. Isn’t it?

Here, there are some ways in which academic and corporate LMS overlap. More than that, all institutions who embrace LMS have the same goals in mind making learning accessible, user-friendly, and easier to manage. Let’s proceed….

Two Worlds Apart… How?

Even though both corporate and educational institutions are using LMS, but have drastic changes.

In the corporate environment with a Learning Management System, induction of new recruits is much easier, regulated and faster that accelerate compliance training, boost employee performance by providing required skills to do their jobs correctly, safely, and according to standards, Using online training translates into efficiency and lower costs that maintains time as its crucial factor to consider because “ Time is Money”, and improves productivity.

Whereas, LMS in an educational organization designed to enhance the experience of students along with those of teachers that improves communication, skills, information, etc. is to make teaching and learning more efficient to enhances the learning process. However, the core function of any learning management system is to make teaching and learning more efficient to enhances the learning process. The need for LMS in education is to make students creative, well-rounded, and technical that serves best for this world.

Employee training VS general education

To stop students to be a roadblock, educational institutions are implementing LMS to face real-time challenges in the future. Instead of theoretical education that making students bookworm with no knowledge and creativity, technical education should be encourage that will be the proper usage of providing education.

Through LMS, conducting online exams is easy that eliminates fraud and other cheating practices and provides the best result to choose a suitable candidate. So always, If someone wants to move with a technical way then LMS should be a top priority.

Budgets are tight and expenses continue to rise. So how to invest in employee training?

Here the best option is the LMS portal that plays a crucial role in employee training which is the cheapest and most effective way that reduces training cost and time. In this busy schedule, it is quite difficult to apt practical guidance and for that, an instructor or trainer needs to appoint which is a very time-consuming process. Not only training, LMS is beneficial to employees as well to increase their skills and also improve weaknesses that strengthen them leading to job satisfaction.

Certification VS Grades

They both are for the same purpose to encourage or motivate learner, but the usage is different. In the corporate sector, businesses frequently use LMS to make employees motivated and enthusiastic towards their work, by offering an official document i.e certificate to appreciate, transfer, promote, or reward employees.

Whereas, an academic LMS reflect educational system by tracking learner’s progress through the grading system, which is the only option to know learner’s performance without wasting time.


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