Categorization Of Courses

In general parlance, the concept of categorization refers to a gradual process of classifying, recognizing and placing of objects and ideas for the purpose of ease and better understanding.

The Concept of categorization isn’t just limited to one aspect of human life rather has its significance in literally everything we do,Its a broader concept with an in depth terminology.

When the talk is about the Elearning platforms, the users/students prefer the one which is cleanly and neatly categorized or classified. In other words, platforms where the access to everything is manual and can be taken care of without the help of any Admin or Expert.

The Courses on an Elearning platform cannot be kept unorganized or scattered. Special care and attention should be given in designing the courses, their categories and sub-categories as per the need and requirement.

Categorization of courses not only helps in processing information, But also helps in learning,remembering and integrating new information as well. Depending upon the needs and requirements and also the various trends and demand prevailing online,various courses are designed and categorized to attract and retain users.

To achieve this, a well-defined and structured Learning Management System (LMS) is an absolute solution for categorization of courses wherein one can tailor the courses and bring them under the desired roof.


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