Ensure cheat protection in online assessment with LMS

When it comes to learning platform, old school techniques of learning have always shown adverse effects on learners that lacks interest during exams that actually is not of use. Learners only want to get passed, no matter where creativity lies and this will again be a trouble for the administrator to go for re-conduction of exams.

By considering the administrative problems, we have come up with an online learning platform i.e Learning management system that effectively deals with learning strategies of learners very smartly. Our big time challenge is to eliminate cheating that has made by creating online exams that not only help administrators to cope up with their problem, But also make up learner to face real time challenges of the competitive world.

Online learning platform  provides the best features that show learner talent and eliminates cheating. In this blog, we are discussing some of cheat protection strategies that have been used to improve the learning platform and counteract the complications created by cheating.

1.Assured to be cheat proof

To overcome the trouble of administrators, online learning platform has come up with certain techniques that will prevent you from uncertainty of copying answers while testing your learners.

Online exams have developed to provide a new level of experience to administrators that counteract the obstacle of cheating. By considering all the features, anti-cheat feature has created to assure cheat protection in online exams.

2. Shuffling and Time based questions

An excellent strategy that eliminates cheating during online exams is shuffling of questions for every learner. This strategy does not allow learners to copy the same answers as they are unaware of what questions have been given to other learners and  in what sequence. 

No doubt, this strategy ensures cheat protection in online assessments, but also allow learners to develop their own efforts that make them creative and talented. Shuffling questions play a significant role in carrying out online exams successfully that deals with learner’s mind to cope up with cheating problems and hence, Develop brilliant minds that go better with the changing world.

Time management, obviously more important for online exams. The learner needs to divide and attempt the question at that particular time only or else they may lose the chance. Time-based exams creates a sense of understanding and automate reduces the risk of cheating.

3. Generating randomized questions

A bit confusing, some people might think that shuffling and randomizing the questions are almost the same. But, now there is a huge difference that has created to catch learner’s attention and to the developmental level of interest.

For example, from my database, I’m creating a list of 40 questions and during exams, learners are getting any of 12 questions arranged randomly out of those 40 questions. This type of feature creates easy time for administrators and allow the learner to deal confidently without any fraud practices.

Randomize questions create hard time for learners that entirely change the trend of copying the answers. Dealing with randomized questions is a challenging task for learners, but the brilliant minds deal with it very easily.


To avoid fraud practices during online exams, we have delivered some cheat protections that may help you to not only counteract cheating complications, but also help administrator to conduct online exams successfully. This way smart online learning platform made significant efforts to make learner, creative, talented to face real time challenges of the competitive world.

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