How to get learners engaged with training

Every company or an organization has certain prioritized commitments, Requirements for specific skill sets,Internal policies and many other important criteria which are to be followed and implemented.These fundamentals have to be clearly and precisely explained to the employees upon their joining.

Training is extensively provided to these newcomers,But it is often witnessed that the trainers feel that they are forcing them to learn.Training surely requires enforcing but in proper terms which involves right communication and approach with which learners are being trained.

Making learners fall in love or engaged with on-board training is a tough challenge as their exits many factors which might end up altering their concentration and dedication too.But as a trainer or somebody from L & D department you need to pull up your socks and try to get them to learn the basics of training.

There exists numerous ways by which learners can be kept happily engaged,Few of the effective ones being listed below

  • Relate the scenarios to their routine life : Trying and finding a way to relate the training to learners daily lives will prove out be effective.They will be forced to spare a thought about it and willfully invest their time in the training.
  • Encourage Participation : Engagements requires participation,implementation of this will ensure the proper involvement of every learner,Ask them for various inputs and encourage them to have a say in the training process,Encourage doubt clarifications too.
  • Add a fun quotient to the training : Training can eventually turn out to be boring sometimes,But this “Boring” training needs to be carried out.Adding a fun quotient to training will help the trainer to do away with the boredom and ensures the learners concentration.
  • Making use of multiple resources : Making use of audio-visual aids for training and other resources like inviting an industry expert for a workshop or a single training session will help the cause of training.
  • Linking the relevance to their career building : Every individual is concerned about his career every now and then,Utilize this concern by linking the importance of the training to their career development and upgradation. Convey them about the applications of training at the workplace and ways about being successful.
  • Tell them “they can,”Instead of they cant : Demotivating or scaring away the learners by saying that they won’t be able to cope up with the training,They aren’t capable enough will lead to their acute demoralizing.They might even overreact and give up the training process.
  • Value learners interest : Get to know the learners interests in order to deal with them more effectively,Gaining familiarity with their goals and ambitions will help you in relating the training to them in a better manner.
  • Giving it a personal touch : Try narrating and sharing your own life experiences with the learners,Which doesn’t mean sharing of personal life events.Rather tell how effective the training period have been in your life,How it made you the person who you’re today

Despite all these,There’s another easy and simple way of improving learner engagement I.e Investing in a proper full-fledged Learning Management System (LMS). This requires changing of the entire traditional training process by leveraging technology and providing the learners an environment which supports learning and sharing.


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