Moving from Manual Training to eLearning Process

We live in a world which entirely has been hypnotized by the content placed online,Every day or the other we witness hundreds and thousand of courses being made available online either for free or vice-versa.Many Top-Notch institutions too have started delivering their courses online.

Despite the growing popularity about these eLearning courses,People still are reluctant towards it and prefer staying away,possibly due to assumptions and misconceptions.On the other hand we find the old traditional classroom training is striving hard to find its place through means of inculcating newer techniques to attract learners.

What is Manual Training?

Manual training in it’s simple and obvious terms is the ‘Old Classroom Technique’ of imparting knowledge making use of teaching materials like blackboard,Charts etc.The manual training also includes training via offline means like MS Office etc

What is Online Training?

Online method refers to the modern day techniques used for training and learning purposes,Basically a platform like Learning Management System (LMS) wherein numerous courses are made available for knowledge gaining purpose.Wherein modern materials like Videos,Graphs,Pictures,Scorm files etc are used to provide the learner with utmost ease and care,Above all it also provides the Instructor/Manager to track the learner’s performance and keeping an eye on his progress with respect to course completion.

Benefits of switching from Manual Training to Online Training :

  • Flexible Access :The prime benefit of any eLearning course is its accessibility,The courses can be accessed from anywhere,anytime through a laptop,mobile etc.The user as per his convenience can login the course and proceed towards its completion.
  • Better Outcome :As the online platform provides and assists easy accessibility,It ensures the learner to utilize his time better by solely concentrating on the course,resulting in better outcomes
  • Budget Friendly :Online courses means the exclusion of travelling and other costs that were mostly incurred during the traditional learning style.These courses are mostly cost effective and are considered to be a safe investment which will surely benefit the learner in the long run.
  • Self-Paced :The learner here isn’t under any pressure to complete the course in certain designated time,Rather he can proceed according to his pace,Every learner might not follow the same pace and it isn’t a requirement either.
  • Results :For any online course it is an easy task to pull out the data to conclude the effectiveness of the course,The results are easily measurable.
  • Reports :Various course completion reports like Course log,Assessment details etc can directly be made available through a Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Record Keeping :Via the means of online training,By logging into an LMS the Instructor or the admin can directly have access to the progress of a learner,He can keep an eye on the learners with respect to the course completion.
  • Expert’s support :It’s pretty obvious that a learner might get stuck at any point during the completion of the course,Various ways like Chats,webinars,Question and Answer features etc may assist him interact with the experts and do away with the doubts.
  • Feedback:Soon after completion after the courses,The learner has to undergo certain assessments.A proper feedback will help learner to gauge his performance in terms of him heading in the right direction or not.

Conclusion :

Swift LMS is flexible, quick to deploy, user-friendly and could be the best LMS that allows you to create a remarkable online training experience for your audience. 

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