Power Of Structuring A Course Into Modules

Course structure basically refers to how a course is designed for elearning. The structure of any course plays a crucial role in how the learners grasps and retains the content.

Structuring of a course requires grouping of content into logical modules.

A Module allow instructors to organize/reorganize content to help control the flow of the course. Modules essentially create a one-directional flow of what learners should follow in a course.

Each module can contain files, discussions,debates, assignments,activities,images, and other learning materials too.Course content can be repeated several times throughout an individual module or can be added to multiple modules as per the requirements.

Following points needs to be taken in account while structuring of courses:

  • Logical modules:Evaluate and recognize the flow of the course and then focus on how to modulate the information.
  • Size of modules:Usually the modules that tend to be lengthy cause the learner to lose interest and thus, the learning process becomes sluggish and contributing to wastage of time.  
  • Usage of images and other files : Inclusion of images and other files is always considered to be a good option.Aiming at providing assistance in better understanding and also making sure the image or graphics used should be relevant and content driven.
  • Sustaining the interest of a learner :There always lies a possibility that a learner might lose interest as the module progresses,Care should be taken to incorporate few activities which shall keep the learner engaged right from the beginning till the very end. 

Benefits of a modular approach:

The modular approach of learning has numerous advantages to its name and the most significant ones are listed below:

  • Flexibility

Modules can be easily organized using the drag and drop feature. Elements and components within the modules can also be reorganized by dragging and dropping.

  • Clarity

Making available an overview of each module and describing what the learners are to do and learn will have a clarity to them .

  • Understanding

Modular structure mostly deals with parts of the course rather than the entire course at a time for better understanding,Further modules can be easily removed for use in other courses.

  • Sense Of Ownership

There lies a sense of ownership with both the instructor and a learner, where they can assess the content and proceed with the completion of course with the pace they’re good at or which is convenient to them.

  • Assessments

This constitutes towards the integral part of any modules,Pre and post assessments are conducted every now and then for tracking ones progress with respect to course completion

  • Shorter Duration

The assessment duration has been made limited to eliminate wastage of time,increasing productivity and proper retaining of the content matter. 

  • Feedback

Feedback is not only through learners, but it can also come from many different sources like  managers and supervisors and peers etc. For example, If effective feedback is given to learners on their progress towards their goals, their performance will improve.

  • Revision

A learner has access towards resitting or revising a certain topic rather than taking the whole assessment again,this ensures in eliminating wastage of time.

  • Better Management

Modular structuring promotes better management skills in both the instructor as well as the learner,Hence contributing towards the advantages of Elearning

  • Cost Minimization

The cost incurred is minimized to the maximum extent unlike the old traditional way of learning,Various costs are eliminated while making use of Elearning enabled modular structuring

Conclusion :

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