Repurposing eLearning Content :

We often come across the word ‘Recycling’ in our day to day lives,this word isn’t just limited to the context of environment,but is also considered to be a familiar term when it comes to the online content.

eLearning professionals does not always require to start from scratch for building eLearning content,Rather can make use of the content which they already have with certain amount of alteration.

As it is strongly believed that “Content is king” and content is available with the organization in abundance.Repurposing the content in the right way ensures in saving ones time and money.Below are a few steps which will help you in repurposing your eLearning content and enhancing it a big time 

  • Gather the entire eLearning Content and tools : Before you start repurposing your content you require to pool the entire eLearning content and tools as well.Tools such as infographic creators,Photo and video editing softwares etc.Once you have gathered the content,selection should be done regarding the materials to be repurposed
  • Design a road map : Gathering of entire eLearning content and tools calls for the designing of road map or action plan for further advancement.You can en down the important strategies and other important points to be taken in consideration while repurposing the content.
  • Develop the content into interactive eLearning material : One of the best way to repurpose your eLearning content is to make it interactive to the maximum extent.Inclusion of quizzes,Gamification etc are few of the important tools and techniques to make the content interactive and engaging.
  • Convert Webinars into video tutorials : The organizations conduct various webinars at regular time intervals,Utilization of those webinars as video tutorials will help in the cause.It’s obvious that the webinars needs to be tailored which is no big task with a good eLearning team by your side.
  • Transform data into infographics : Infographics is the trendy way of transforming boring stats and analysis into engaging ones.
  • It should not be time consuming : The learners don’t necessarily have all the time in the world to deal with your content.The content shouldn’t be lengthy enough to bore the audience.The content should be driven by the concept of Micro Learning.

A full fledged Learning Management System can help you for the cause.

Benefits of Repurposing the content : 

  • Capturing New Audience : The greatest benefit of repurposing the eLearning content is capturing of new audience.The interactive material will attract and generate potential leads than even before.
  • Reinforcing your message : Repurposing the content will surely enforce the message in the minds of the audience.As there goes a saying that ‘Continuous hammering of same thing leaves a lasting impression on the minds of the people’.
  • Enhancement of old content : Repurposing of the content acts as a great messiah in breathing new life into old content by making it more engaging.

Conclusion : 

Swift LMS is flexible, quick to deploy, user-friendly and could be the best LMS that allows you to create a remarkable online learning experience for your audience. 

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