Structure Learning Path for your users

Define Learning Path

If one is to stroll through a dictionary to find the meaning of the word ‘Path’, it refers to either ‘a route or a track which something moves’. Paths are meant to be traveled which mostly takes us to places we have never ever been before.

The term path isn’t just limited to traveling rather has its significance in other fields as well and E-Learning stands tall before anybody.

Learning paths are a series or set of courses designed and sequenced online for better understanding of various topics for the users.

Each course comprises of various chapters which are to be completed (in specified duration, If mentioned ) for the certificate to be obtained at the end. A learning path is an important tool for gaining knowledge in quick period of time as it promotes knowledge retention. Structuring the path for your learners can help measure their training progress effectively. 

Swift LMS provides you with the ability to define a structured path of learning components for your learners. Components such as an Audio, Video , link to a URL, document(Pdf or Word), Image, SCORM file and text can queued in the learning path.

Depending upon the feedback and performance of course, you can always reorder the course components by dragging them upwards, downwards or sideways as and when required.

Learning paths are both available for individual as well as organizational purpose wherein all courses are made available(free or paid).

Swift LMS is flexible, quick to deploy, user-friendly and could be the best LMS that allows you to create a remarkable online training experience for your audience. Check out our reporting feature which tracks the learners progress to the core.

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