Why Do Learners Want Training Certificates?


What is a certificate?

A document either a manual or digital,which one obtains after partially or completely fulfilling the requirement of a particular course.Certifications are usually offered by a professional or expertise organization or a company that specializes in a particular technology or field,Generally one needs to pass an exam to achieve or gain the certificate.

Why does anyone require a certification,how does it even matter?

People often require a certificate either to enhance their present set of skills or to meet certain requirements of a desired job,Certificate adds certain advantages to the resumes and also the chances of getting the job increases by a significant margin when compared to people without any sort of certifications.

Earning a certificate can give anyone a big leg up in the job market amongst all the other job aspirants,It’s a strong and powerful tool with which one can impress the employer or vice-versa.

It is also proven and stated that the certified individuals earn higher salaries and are way ahead in gaining more and more career advancement opportunities.

Getting Certified.

The end result of any course will lead you to attainment of certification wherein the performance of the candidate/user is summarized either in terms of grades or remarks.

Benefits of Certification :

  • An effective motivating tool :Who in the world doesn’t like recognition?It simply is an unsaid and hidden truth that every employee works for certain recognition.Providing of a certification soon after the course completion acts as a great motivating tool leading to boost in the confidence level of an employee resulting in successful credibility of the overall organization.
  • Levelling up professional credibility :It is no hidden truth that companies prefer a candidate with more and more certifications in order to carry out their business processes,As it demonstrates the person’s commitment to professionalism and learning dynamics.Ultimately boosting the professional credibility of a person alongside earning him a good name in the market or other business networks.
  • A continuous learning process :More and more certifications achieved by an individual showcases his eagerness and dedication towards learning.Learning here doesn’t have to be linked to going back again to the school,The learner is provided with ample of resources online which allows him the access according to his own convenience
  • Updation of knowledge and skills :Enrolling through various courses and achieving certificates will do away with one’s inefficiencies which he previously had.The knowledge gained will result in providing confidence to the learner like never before.
  • Earning benefits in terms of a handsome salary :Certifications add a great weightage to a learners resume.The time and investment made to the course will surely bear good results in terms of a handsome salary,Many studies and researches have been carried out to a conclusion that a certified individual earns 40-50% more than an individual who isn’t certified.

Certification Attributes :

Gone are the days when we had computerized certificates in our hands,The modern day course completion earns you a certificate with your personal taste being added to it,In simple terms a learner can decide the various how-abouts of his certificate

The following points will brief us about the latest certifications :

  • User gets to manage certificates himself :A learner today can easily manage his certificates without any sort of assistance from the provider,Instructor or anyone else.At our Learning Management System(LMS) an automated feature allows the user to manage various certifications on his own.
  • Customization of certificates :The learner is provided a free handle on how his certificate should look like,He can change the background of the certificate,And other information like the inclusion and exclusion of course provider details depend totally on the learner.
  • Re Certification :A learner is notified about the expiration of his course so that he can act accordingly to it.The reissuing of certificates and the completion differs from course to course.
  • Social Media sharing:The learner has the authority and provide the access to share his hard earned certifications to various social media platforms like facebook and twitter.The learner can add this certification in his linkedin profile and weightage to his overall resume.

Conclusion :

Swift LMS is flexible, quick to deploy, user-friendly and could be the best LMS that allows you to create a remarkable online training experience for your audience. Check out our certification feature which allows and assists the learners a free handle towards customization of certificates.

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