Advantages of Assignment Engine within an LMS

An Assignment is quite a familiar term with respect to teaching practices which fortunately even exists today.Assignments usually deals with the assigning of tasks to people as part of their training project or respected jobs.

Usually the assessment for the course on an e-learning platform involves written assignments and practical tests. Assignments are proven to be excellent tools in tracking and measuring of a learner’s progress on any Learning Management System (LMS).

LMS For delivering assignments :

A proper Learning Management System (LMS) enables with the following prospects 

  • 24/7 Accessibility : What can be more fantastic than this feature which provides service anytime anywhere to learners? Learning materials made throughout, which makes it possible for learners to learn the subject at their own pace and in comfortable settings.
  • Cost-effective and Environment Friendly : Both the factors are difficult to manage. Isn’t it?Assigning assignments traditionally is good and an effective way of learning, but don’t forget the expenses it involves in materials, tutors, travel, classroom rental costs which can affect the bottom line of the business.
  • At one single place or platform : LMS involves the use of online services which can easily be accessed by learners without having the trouble to move to other places.Everything related to the courses comprising of various assignments and other stuff is made available to the learners just a few clicks away.
  • Instant Sharing and update  : The admin can easily and quickly share the updates or changes made to the users without the wastage of time and energy.
  • Tracking of the progress : Tracking the progress has always been the priority of the people in whatever field they might be engaged in,At our LMS we provide our users and most importantly the Admin to have a free handle on tracking their progress,they are made available all the course completion details just a few click(s) away.
  • Generation Of Reports : Report generation is arguably the most exciting feature of an LMS wherein the measuring of online training is made possible,These reports help in evaluation whether the course requires any upgradation or modification,and also if it is meeting the current requirements or not.
  • Feedback : Effective feedback is given to learners on their progress towards their goals, which in return will surely increase their performance.

Swift LMS is flexible, quick to deploy, user-friendly and could be the best LMS that allows you to create a remarkable online training experience for your audience. Check out our Assignment feature which analyzes the learners progress to the core.

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