Online Learning Management System (LMS)

We understand how important and tedious it is to manage a training process in an organization. Our award winning Learning Management System (LMS) empowers organizations to create a flexible, scalable and a reliable environment around your corporate training needs to supercharge your online learning.

We leverage our rich eLearning industry experience to bring you the most powerful LMS that transforms the way organizations learn.

What gets measured, gets managed

Reduced L&D Cost

Manage your corporate training by structuring and organizing learning path for your learners. Get detailed Analytical reports and statistics to measure the progress.

Organized Training Content

Define a clean and a consistent learning path for your users. Upload your training material in any form at ease. Reorder the modular way and make it look elegant.

Detailed Reporting engine

Want to know how are your learners performing with their training? Get detailed reports and statistics and measure their training process at ease.

Benefit Propositions for you

  • User Registration and Management

    Managing users has never been so easy in a LMS.

    • Send automated email invitations to new users
    • Share the course link to the users allowing self-registration
    • Assign user roles, manage permissions and configure accounts as per the requirement
  • Automate Online Training

    Streamline and automate the training workflow.

    • Manage and schedule learner enrollment and courses
    • Evaluation
    • Certification
  • Branding

    Customize the SwiftHCM to reflect your brand and corporate culture.

    • Corporate Logo
    • Branding
  • Tracking & Reporting:

    Track learner progress and performance milestones and stay updated with advanced reporting and analytics.

Due to SwiftHCM’s flexibility and scalability, it is a right fit for organizations of all sizes.

How it Works

Create eLearning Courses

Upload to LMS

Assign it to your learners

Assess the progress

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