Teaching and Learning Simplified

With a vision to bridge the gap between students and teachers, SwiftHCM brings you a simplified teaching and learning platform. SwiftHCM enables instructors to teach, create, share and sell training courses across the globe, free of cost.

What this means for you

Reach Wider Audience

Reach a wider learner group and provide new ways of engagement to your learners by facilitating interactive courses, quizzes and other resources.

Simplify the Way You Teach

Bring all your students and training content at one common platform and make your teaching and learning simpler while going paperless and staying organized.

Dedicated Team

Whether you are new to online training or want to enhance it even more, our expert team can help you get the way you want it.

Ease of Administration

Schedule, enroll, update and assign online courses quickly and easily saving your time. Quickly track your learner progress. Set role-based permissions

How it Works

  • Envision

    As a subject matter expert, take advantage of your skills and reach millions of students to teach.

  • Create

    Easily create your own interactive eLearning modules and media-rich assignments. You can also import your existing SCORM content and other resources to SwiftHCM.

  • Launch

    Distribute and share your training courses via SwiftHCM marketplace

  • Track & Report

    Improve the way you schedule, facilitate and track your training programs with SwiftHCM custom reporting feature.

SwiftHCM as a free online training platform can help you reach your learners effectively. Contact us to arrange a product demonstration, and to discuss how we can help accelerate your business.


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