Let Swift Learning Management System be the optimal solution for your clients. Our partnership formula is to align to create a win-win-win business relationship  for all stakeholders, Customers, Partners and Swift

Want to partner with us? Get in touch with us ->

  • If you think our e-learning courses and services could be beneficial to accelerate your business OR
  • If you are an e-learning consultant or a Content Provider OR
  • If you have already have your training material and looking for a hosting platform
  • And if you see synergies with what we do and what your customers need…

Write to us now and we will get back to you on how to add value through collaboration.


  • Brand Promotion
  • Marketing collateral
  • Competitive percentage commission for every sale
  • Accelerate your business
  • Provide a window of opportunities to expand your horizons in Training
  • Value-Add solutions for your future clients
  • Endorsement and referral of our partners to our current and future clients


Organizations/Corporates/Educational Institutions will benefit from our e-learning partnership program. This program will be of mutual benefit and your organization will be able to better serve its clients’ needs at the maximum extent.

I] Value-Added Reseller (Content Provider) :

These partners include Corporate/e-Learning service companies, IT consulting firms, Individual Trainers and any such organization who wish to manage their Training. You will be able to host your content on our platform and we will manage the rest with our learning platform. This will enable our partners to generate more revenue.

After all, what gets measured, gets managed!

II ] Referral / Affiliate Partner :

A shout out for all those like-minded organizations/educational institutions/consulting firms/Corporate who would like to adopt eLearning tools to maximize efficiency. If you feel our product will meet your clients’ requirements, refer us. We reward referral partners for recommending our LMS platform to their clients.

III] Social Impact Sponsors:

We believe in creating social awareness with our elearning programs. Our tie-ups with the Government Administration and departments have yielded great results. Examples include, Elearning Programs on

  • Women Safety (In Collaboration with Telangana State Police)
  • Drunken Drive Awareness (In Collaboration with Hyderabad City Police)
  • Solid Waste Management  (In Collaboration with Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation – GHMC)

All these courses are live and used by general citizens. You can be part of this program by sponsoring us and we will make you part of our campaign thereby providing visibility to your business.