Deliver Training with Ease

Whether you’re a training organization, educator or an author looking to sell your courses online, SwiftHCM lets you create and deliver online training while managing your clients effortlessly at no cost.

Our purpose driven LMS is specifically built with training and eLearning needs in mind.

What this means for you

Maximize your revenues

Reach to a wider audience and explore new market opportunities – increase sales.

Simplify Your Training Management

Streamline your training process – Easily update and revise your content cost-effectively.

Focus on Creating Content

Spend your time focusing on creating and selling content, we will take care of delivery.

Get Started With Online Training

Now is the time to shift your focus from traditional training methods to online training platform.

  • Create

    Start creating on-demand online courses and deliver it anytime and anyplace while reducing your administration costs and time drastically.

  • Rollout & Sell

    Rollout your eLearning courses across your organization, sell it to your clients or bring your training content online quickly and easily via SwiftHCM marketplace.

  • Track & Report

    Improve the way you schedule, facilitate and track your training programs with SwiftHCM custom reporting feature.

SwiftHCM can be your extended partner to help you grow your training business. Contact us to arrange a product demonstration, and to discuss how we can help accelerate your business.


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